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Wear Red Road Races (WR3)

Wear Red. Support our military & their families.

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Kit Bag Security
Traffic Control
Water Stations

WR3 Traffic Control & Course Marshals


Reliable, assertive adults are required to assist uniformed military personnel from HMCS QUEEN CHARLOTTE to assure the safety of our WR3 runners and walkers.  We require team members at virtually all intersections to control runners, pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles.  The overriding consideration is the safety of all.  Safety vests to be handed out and reclaimed afterwards.  Pylons to be positioned at key locations and collected afterwards.


If circumstances permit, there will be RCMP patrols of the half-marathon route, and the Charlottetown Police will patrol the 5K/10K routes. 

Half-Marathon Course Marshal:

Heather Mitton



Cell Phone


Pownal & Georgetown   

Pownal & Keppoch


Keppoch & Langley


Langley & Battery Point

Battery Point Rd Turnaround   

Stratford & Bayside


Esso Stn (Stratford Rd entrance)


Esso Stn (actual street corner)


(Southernmost lane of Hillsborough Bridge will be closed to traffic by PEI Gov.)

Grafton & Water (need extra pylons to protect runners)

Water & Weymouth   
Weymouth entrance to HMCS QUEEN CHARLOTTE   

10K & 5K Course Marshals:




Cell Phone


Weymouth entrance to HMCS QUEEN CHARLOTTE

Water & Weymouth


Water & Hillsborough

Water & Prince

Water & Great George

Water & Queen

Water & Pownal


Water & Havilland

Havilland & Sydney   
Havilland & Richmond   
Havilland & Grafton   
Havilland & Kent   
Kent & West   
Kent & Terry Fox   
(Inside lane of Victoria Parkway will be closed to traffic during WR3)

(Water station at Kiwanis Dairy Bar parking lot)


Queen Elizabeth & Brighton


QE & York

QE & Charlotte

Charlotte & Edinburgh

Edinburgh & Inkerman

Edinburgh & Colonel Gray

Edinburgh & Westwood

Edinburgh & Brittany

Edinburgh & Belfast   
Edinburgh & Nassau   

(Water station at turnaround for 10K route)