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Wear Red Road Races (WR3)

Wear Red. Support our military & their families.

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2013 WR3 Results - 20 April 2013

(Total participants for 2013 WR3 = 196)

Follow links below to view 2013 WR3 results online at Atlantic Chip Timing

Race Director:  Allan Callard, email 

Half-Marathon Medalists

Open Division


David MacPherson

M2:Edwin Gillis1:28:16
M3:Tim Boutilier1:28:23
F1:Jen Nicholson1:26:18
F2:Debby Hughes1:29:07
F3:Abbey Shaw


Push Rim Wheelchair Division
M1:Fraser MacPhee1:39:56

Blind/Vision Impaired Division

M1:Todd Macausland2:19:18

Total participants = 75

Full half-marathon results online

10K Medalists

Open Division

M1:Bill Macgregor43:39
M2:Roy Stuart44:27
M3:Rod Gallant47:27
F1:Myriam Cyr41:03
F2:Lisa Whitlock44:18
F3:Heather Mitton50:37
 Blind/Vision Impaired Division
M1:Robbie Burt58:19

Total participants = 46

 Full 10K results online

5K Medalists

Open Division

M1:Alex Cyr16:21
M2:Brittan Turner20:09
M3:Brolin Turner20:42
F1:Charlotte Gardiner23:16
F2:Erin MacKinnon23:37
F3:Natalie Dallaire


 Blind/Vision Impaired Division
M1:Dave Carragher40:29
Mobility Impaired Division
M1:Eric Payne1:07:51

Total participants = 75

 Full 5K results online

All medal winners receive an outdoor quality, 6-foot by 3-foot, Canada Flag